Toby C
Toby C

Some great points raised in this thread. Just want to add in, that brains need to complement and possibly even beat brawn, so for those with fitness issues or physical limitations don’t despair too much, there are still a myriad things to work on. You have to ‘train with the body you are in’ get as fit as you can but know your limitations and plan in accord with them.

A slight aside, but relevant story following on Tolik’s point. My best friend, at 27 years if age, having qualified as a Royal Marine, who was boxing for the marines team and had just begun the selection process for UK Special forces got stabbed to death in an altercation by a guy notably smaller and weaker than him. 3 hits (one to the neck, two to the heart) with a small (under 4″ blade) was all it took… As I say, we need to use our heads as much as our muscles…