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Just happened to be up and getting ready to shut down the computer for the night and the above came in. My response isn’t likely to be appreciated. I simply don’t have a politically correct (or legal) answer. Oh, I’ve GOT an answer, but then I loop back to the previous sentence.

In theory, IF there is a workable answer, it does lie in really understanding the doctrines behind the problem, to an extent that allows us to explain it to younger folks (i.e. under about 55 -60) so they can begin to understand it for themselves. And for those here that fit in the 45-55 or 60 age range (and below) and feel shut out by that comment, my sincere apology. I do understand. But I also understand that there are some things that simply cannot be fully understood without having lived through them in real time, and studied them in detail. Only so much can be learned out of a book. One can read and appreciate Dr. Thomas Sowell all they want, but they still won’t have a full appreciation like he does for his subject. At age 87, and having fully embraced (but abandoned) Marxism in his very early adulthood, he’s got something almost none of us has – an understanding that includes first hand wisdom.

So, IF there’s a solution (and I believe we’ve progressed too far, sadly, for the temporal solution), it lies in educating people, often one-by-one. Freedom totally gets this concept, based on his comments about only being able to provide that education to his own children and perhaps grand children. He said:

It is true! My kids will have a hard time with the[ir] kids, it will be more difficult for them. The Socialist(really Communist) know this. They work under the long term system. In time they will all forget the past and lets get the history taken out of the schools so it can be done faste[r]. This is already happening.

Freedom and his family have “been there, done that.” Education is the key. In religion, they’d call it proselyting – actively reaching out to people, uninvited – and not many people are up to that (thus another reason I’m not optimistic).

The other solution – which I AM NOT advocating (even if my id loves the concept) – is contained in Mike Vanderboegh’s “The Six Apostles.” Fortunately, my ego and super-ego successfully override my id in that area. Totally ‘nuf sed on THAT!

(I believe there will be a total solution. But that’s a discussion for a totally separate topic within the Forum, and one I’m not personally going to initiate because there are too many divergent opinions on it, and it’s not an area I’m comfortable arguing about. That doesn’t mean I’m uncomfortable discussing it with people open to it, but arguing is altogether different. I’m highly familiar with the scriptural description of the origin, structure, methods, and solution to the problem. It’s more detailed than almost anybody would imagine. It just ain’t gonna come from me, here.)