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… but still, climate is an issue.

Of course there’s always that snow and body-numbing cold thing in certain other parts, such as VT and ME. ;-)

We’re still harvesting chard, lettuce, broccoli, and collards down here. Making a sandwich? Go out the back door, cut a couple of pieces of nice, totally fresh red leaf lettuce, rinse it off quickly, and happily enjoy. Very little watering this year, best production ever (continuous harvest of various things since last spring and still only looking at one or two days barely touching 32° next week). And not a chemical used all year – just a little diatomaceous earth one time for critters. Even the hurricanes didn’t wipe anything out! (Yes, I admit – this place is for the old sissies that have forgotten much of what we learned in SEER school nearly a half century ago. Besides, that focused on E&E due to the time period and threat, and was held up in the Washington mountains near the Canadian border in February. LOL!)