Another thought.

In a previous post, it was said think like a soldier, I disagree.

Why? A soldier has the backup of many other soldiers, an armory (gun breaks, get new gun), and a supply line. Armored vehicles, body armor, almost limitless ammo with supply drops.

A survivalists, we don’t have those luxuries. One of my friends is currently a SF medic and we’ve gone round and round on this. He finally grasped it when I asked, where are the rest of your guys right now? Where are your supplies? Where is your backup?

Think like a poacher.
Someone who alone or small groups sneaks, slithers and takes what they need. The firearms are normally light, of decent power and compact.

What they also are is nondescript.
You are seeing more AR platform guns, even with the normal hunting crowd which is a good thing. It opens up a lot of options where once was only suspicion.

One of my customers recently had me switch his AR from 5.56 to the .300 Blackout cartridge. It’s now legal for big game, has a lot more punch for defensive use and by changing ammo and his gas setting has a much quieter option.
Yes he has to buy more expensive ammo (not that much more though), or roll your own. He went with both options, buying some and converting a mess of his fired 5.56 cases.

We have looked at the AK platform but it’s lack of adaptability, non modular design and lack of common parts make it a lesser choice. Especially when an AR can be built for a similar price today.

Versatility is the key here. My FAL can do things that no small bore AR or AK can do. From defense to hunting, to the use of custom rounds it just works where others fail.

Look carefully at what you choose, all the uses, all the options. Were I in a place where hunting and scrounging weren’t commonplace, my choices would likely be different. But not how I choose them.