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Freedom, I don’t think anyone should put off or stop gardening because you are worried someone will come and take your produce. You will need as much as you can get, as often as you can get it so you do not reduce your storage unnecessarily. In Florida you can grow almost all year around. But in more northern states that would mean going almost a year without producing any of your own, fresh, food. I for one would prefer to have to eat canned, freeze-dried and dehydrated food as little as possible, if possible.

The answer is to try and find a way to enclose/hide/camouflage your garden and place it where it can not be seen; garden in movable containers; or grow/blend your plantings of vegetables etc in with the landscape so it is not so noticeable as ‘food’. Visit permies.com or read about permaculture for ideas. If you would like some ideas for SFlorida for your place, since I grew there for 15 years, be glad to help.

Yes grow what you can indoors if you have the correct temps (but if power out and no backup heat in winter/live in north – nothing will germinate ;and light. But many would opt to cover windows and light sources with blackout material so might not have light. Without alternative power to power grow lights? Couldn’t grow much. I can grow mushrooms in a box in my closet, sprouts,micro-greens, tomatoes if I hand pollinate, and yes, my favorite potatoes now. But, if SHTF, I’ll probably at some point be pulling the curtains and putting stuff over my windows and skylights – so there may not be the needed amount and length of light most would need; and limit what I could grow. (sprouts and mushrooms)