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Thanks Malgus!

I can only ask you and anyone else to not train for or accept the Pelvic Girdle myth. Compare the evidence out there on head vs. pelvic girdle shots…the head wins everytime, and I’ve never found anything where the PG shot did anything. Even if a PG shot worked, and the bad guy fell, they just fell and are still very much a threat. At the FBI Instructor school I attended in the 90’s, the old school instructor swore by the PG shot but couldn’t give me any evidence other than saying it would drop someone like a sack of potatoes. This same instructor taught that just the racking of a pump shotgun would send bad guys running in fear…come on man!! And Ayoob lists one of his reasons going for the PG shot is when the bad guy sees you aiming at his groin area, he will be negatively psychologically affected…another, come on man!! There’s so much fluff and BS out there in the world of guns. Don’t just take someone’s word on something, not even my word. Go out and try it! Don’t literally shoot someone in the PG area, but our team did things like sim training gunfights going for heads and groins, and the head shots showed more hits by trained guys. Two quick shots to the body, and the bad guy is still standing means they are tough, you didn’t hit the right spots and/or they may have a vest on…then aim for the head and game over as long as you hit the eyes/nose, ear to the side area.
Next on ricochet, are ballistic properties on what MOST rounds do after hitting a hard surface on an angle. The ATF/FBI found out first hand, and lend credibility to what these rounds do. Those agents were hiding behind cars and where hit in the ankles, not by aimed shots. A ricochet hits the surface at an angle, retains most of it’s mass, lifts back up approx six inches and flies straight until hitting something or falling. You could forecast that unloading an automatic rifle toward the ground in front of a vehicle with people hiding behind it, could potentially hit those hiding people in the ankles…it’s been done, but I wouldn’t waste the ammo. And your chances of aiming for an ankle/foot, and hitting, are quite unlikely and more lucky, but is possible by a highly trained gun guy like the North Hollywood bank shootout.
I’m old school, like you Malgus, and have taken everything taught and said to me over the years and tried it out in training. I was taught the Weaver in the late 80’s, and found out quickly that is NOT a gun-fighting shooting position. Keep educating! Steve