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Tolik, i found that site about a year ago, and it’s great. A couple of handy tips for Mosin owners i’ve discovered via trial and error…..

1) As these rifles ARE older surplus, it is wise to lock-tite both screws that hold the firing assembly to the stock. Reason; if you shoot it a lot, these screws WILL shake loose. You’ll take it out one day, and your shots will be all over the map, and the bullets will display a tumbling effect on paper, IF you hit it. My first thought… the barrel’s finally wearing……sniff…. Upon further inspection, not so, thank God. Check those 2 bolts FIRST! Most times, you will not notice the slight movement between the stock and the assembly, but it WILL show up in your results.I re-tightened those 2 bolts, locktited em, and Yuri’s accuracy was back to dead-on. Further, if utilizing a Mosin or 3 for a defense scenario, you do NOT want this phenomenon to become an issue when a moment of truth is upon you…..

2) When taking this rifle apart for servicing and cleaning, WATCH closely for that small metal dowel that will EASILY fall out of the trigger assembly! It seats in there veery loosely on 95% of Mosins, It’s very small and easy to lose, and better folks than I have not even noticed it fall out. Finding a replacement dowel for it is damn near impossible unless pulling a replacement one from a scrap Mosin.