This is fantastic, thank you Tolik!

I wanted to add my 2c about stocking some clove oil. Just a couple-to-a-few drops of this stuff applied directly or mixed with 1/4 t. water will take care of dental pain, and whereas the alcohol numbing from Listerine wears off pretty quickly, the clove oil lasts a really long time. Since you’re using only a very little, the bottle lasts a long time, too. I got a 4 oz bottle on Amazon for around $15, so it is not expensive in terms of medical supplies.

Because it’s safe for mucous membrane usage, it is also excellent for puncture wounds, which can be difficult to disinfect. I have successfully used it on cat bites for disinfection and healing, because you can drop it right down into the wound. Boy it’ll burn like mad, but I have never had any advanced issues from cat bites when working with rescue animals, using this stuff, and if you know anything about them, you know it’s 50/50 that you’ll get something pretty savage under normal conditions. I am sure it’d be good for other puncture wounds like from nails. Again, it takes very little and so it is an enduring supply.

Or you could plant a myrtle tree if you’re bugging in; its buds are where clove oil comes from. :)

(Edit: I should point out that it’s a specific myrtle-species tree that is native to Asia, so your mileage may vary!)