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Cactus , being from the Southwest myself , the best advice I could give somebody still in that part of the country is this : LEAVE ! . I came to the conclusion that the desert ( Arizona , Nevada , or otherwise ) is the worst place to be from a SHTF point of view . Not to mention the land will not support you in any way , should the worst take place in your life . If your not stuck there for the usual reasons , I would seriously look into relocating to a different part of the country , many possibilities that would give you a fighting chance , just by sake of being there . Even urban survival in the Southwest will be harder …………….as the water is going to go fast ! , Especially if your in Vegas or around Vegas . I’m from AZ , I chose to move to Maine …………………..one of the best choices I have made in my life . If SHTF , I know I’m going to start out FAR better off , just by being here , than the odds stacked against you from day one , because of the screwed up people,

I second what Tolik said. Desert regions are amongst the worst places to be. There is a reason few live in such places. Location location location. I had relocated from MA to VT and in doing so chose my new community and specific property with SHTF in mind, livable in the here and now, and better than most come SHTF.

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