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Welcome, Cactus! There has more recently been a majority of political frustration posted in some of the threads here in the Forum, and we’ve lost contact with many of the old regulars (particularly the ones outside the U.S. – all valuable!). Please don’t let that fool you about the major current value of this site. There is a wealth of information dating back several years on a variety of survival and preparedness topics, particularly including urban skills (Selco’s unfortunately necessary specialty that he’s been so willing to share with others).

Unfortunately, the “search” and “tag” functions do not seem to work here, but the major Forum topics toward the upper right corner of each page will get you started. You’ll find page, after page, after page containing a wealth of information in each topic, generally going back several years in each case. And please add what you can – it’s all appreciated. Thanks for being here. You’re among friends, and many of us have military backgrounds, not surprisingly.