With your day being our night it may take a while before you get a reply. I had a good giggle when I eventually climbed in bed 3 o’clock in the morning. I loved your reply Malgus. It gave me a very big smile. No offense taken. It is important for people to think and realize what governments are asking from them.
Someone somewhere in the world decided it would be a good idea to make South Africa as “safe” as possible. – Leopard
It is a known fact that there is less crime if citizens are armed and can defend themselves against criminals.
We could also zoom out and look at the whole of South Africa with fewer weapons to defend themselves. Wouldn’t it be easier to attack?
But on a lighter side – The other reason for me, having a giggle in bed. There is an old story about a young man who got thrown in jail for having done something wrong. One day he received a letter from his mother that ended with ‘If only you were here, I could have had a vegetable garden. I guess with getting old my back is not very useful anymore.’ He replied with a letter stating that he buried some weapons in the back garden. She could sell it and use the money to go see a doctor and by some food.
The next letter he received from his mother. ‘My dear son. Hope everything is well. The vegetable garden is coming on so beautiful! Thank you for sending all those gentlemen to dig up the soil in the back garden. They really did such a thorough job. Hope to hear from you soon?’
You really need to keep your head straight and keep working on what you need to do next to accomplish more. You cannot wait for things to get better. You need to make it better yourself.
Stay positive; also believe that there are still a lot of good intelligent people in your world that can make things happen.