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No ideas. The web site is not secure, tags apparently don’t work to facilitate searching oldie-goodie posts, the search function seems entirely useless, and I haven’t seen any input by Selco, Toby, or their folks in a long time – even with repeated requests to try to resolve the problem of disappearing posts during the editing process (even using the Help & Feedback feature at the bottom of the screen). They don’t even give us a heads up via email, nor a post here in the Forum when there are new posts added in the Blog (I WAS signed up to receive updates when Blog posts appeared – and did – but that ceased many months ago).

I think the Forum has been discarded by its owners, despite the fact that the Blog itself is still being populated by new posts from Selco with comments by Toby. There were posts in the Blog every month through July this year, but then only two in September and one on 22 November. For whatever reason, it appears the SHTF Forum is on autopilot with no one in either of the front seats, and likely to soon go the way of the “Saloon.” It was a good ride while it lasted…. At least the joke’s on the spammers (probably The Russians!) – they don’t have any significant sized audience here anymore. ;-)

I wonder who’s going to turn out the lights and when…. Sad.