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Tolik – you might want to think through that plan. It’s all in the timing. Too soon and the smoke goes away before anybody can think the place is on fire. Too late and everybody sees it as a signal as opposed to a building on fire.

A pro tip – if there is smoke coming out windows and there are no scortch/burn marks then a) the fire is far away from the door/window the smoke is coming out of, or b) the smoke is a ruse. Recon of the other sides of the building (which you should do anyhow) ill give you a good clue as to which it is.

Another pro tip – the technique only works with white smoke. Most folks these days seem to carry every color BUT white smoke.

Final pro tip – if you are in area with even semi-organized units it helps to know what meaning they have given to various colors of smoke. Short story short – we needed smoke to cover movement and somebody threw purple. We had mortars raining down on the area where we were. (Unless broadcasting where/why you were using it, purple meant “Dear supporting arms (mortars or artillery), the enemy is here. Please shoot whatever ammo you have at them.”