Yes, please research Hannah. When you don’t have an evil mindset its hard to fathom what true evil really is and just far it will go. I know that when I first realized what was really going on it was a very hard pill for me to swallow. Now nothing surprises me anymore. All we can do is get prepared now.

Another thing to research is the best way to hedge your savings. At this point it is hard assets, ie. precious metals and not in the form of ETF’s (paper). If you aren’t physically holding it you don’t own it. Lot’s of people holding ETF’s are going to be very upset when they attempt to take physical possession of it and find out its all fraud…..(paper is being sold with nothing backing it.)

I wonder what Selco’s take is on the importance of PM assets during times of SHTF is??? From what I know is that food would be most valuable and in times of shortage people will not trade their food for your gold & silver, even though there is always someone out there capitalizing on such things hoping to make it rich when it all ends. The reason I have some PM’s is not to get rich or barter with it in SHTF, but maybe I need to get from point a to point b and someone will look the other way if I offer them something of value. I’m thinking it may save a life by having it. On the other hand it may get someone killed.