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Hello, here is info you can copy and paste to two pages and bring to the range to zero your iron sights. The first page shows 200yd and 100yd zeros, and I also recommend to stick with the 100yd. The second page is to adjust your rear sight so it always has the flat 8/3 or 6/3 centered on the left side of your rifle, while being zeroed. We do this to know at a quick glance that your rifle is good to go, or was possibly bumped and knocked out of zero by seeing the flat not centered.

The video of Kyle that Danie posted is good. It appears Kyle has a Magpul Magazine, which is highly recommended. I would not fire a rifle resting on the magazine, due to possible malfunctions. Get sandbags to set up a solid base under the forward-most part of the forearm for stable shooting.

And just a side-note, as the 100yd zero is prefered, I kept my duty rifle zeroed at 40yd. From a police/swat view, the vast majority of shootings occur at close range, so we were set up that way. And for GRA, the 25yd zero to start is just that…a start. When anyone begins with a new rifle platform, train/practice close to target until you are familiar with the rifle, and 25yd is perfect for that. Gain the understanding, then move that target out. Thanks Steve

Zeroing the AR-15

• Use 200 yard line
• Use Zero Windage
• Use five shot groups
• Use bipod or sandbags

1. Run Rear sight all the way down then up 8 -10 clicks
2. Correct Elevation with Front Sight
3. If using NM tapered front sight – All elevation adjustments must be made in 360-degree adjustments.
4. If smaller adjustments to elevation need to be made, use rear sight -Remember the final amount of clicks from the bottom.

My Suggested Modifications for 100 Yard – line Zero

• Use 100 Yard Line
• Use 3-6 clicks up for rear sight to start – you don’t need as much adjustment here as you do for the 200 yard zero.

Additional Step for NM Front Sights.

• Count the clicks as you run the rear sight all the way down. Should be 6 -10. I suggest 3-6 for 100 yard zero. 4 would be the best.
• If more than suggested, try rotating the front sight 360 degrees and re-adjust with rear sight.
Zeroing the AR-15

Final Adjustments

• After you have a Zero on the rifle
• Rear sight Zero is within the previously described number of clicks from bottom.
• Know the number of clicks it takes from bottom to the Zero.

1. Rotate elevation knob until the 8/3 (or 6/3) appears centered on the left hand side of the upper receiver.
2. Insert a 1/16th allen wrench through the hole in the top of the carry handle just in front of the rear sight aperture.
3. Loosen the allen screw no more than 3 – 4 turns. Loosen, do not remove.
4. Leave allen wrench in the allen screw.
5. Using the lower portion of the elevation drum, return the sight elevation to Zero (using the noted amount of clicks from bottom to Zero).
6. Tighten and Lock the allen screw.
7. The Zero (either 100 yard or 200 yard, whatever you zeroed) will now be recognized as having the 6 or 8/3 markings centered on the left side of the receiver.

Important – record the amount of clicks it takes to go from the bottom to the Zero on your Range Card. This can then be used to double check the correct Zero and insure the settings are not 360 degrees off.