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And part of their age old game is to take a few steps forward, all themselves to be pushed back one or two steps, use that time to regroup, then move forward another several steps, and on and on and on. Those of us over 60 remember things (long term memory is the last to go, even with senility, LOL). And what we remember allows us to compare today with 1970, for example – or even 1960. By about 1961 or ’62 (can’t remember which) I obtained my grandfather’s old wood case short wave radio, discovered the English Language Service of Radio Moscow, and that set the course of much of my life since that time.

No, things weren’t perfect in the 60s. But people were generally honest, and handshake was generally about as good as a signed contract back then. People for the most part just didn’t even consider an alternative to working hard and being responsible for solving their own problems. Welfare wasn’t rampant, massive numbers of lazy fat leeches weren’t on “disability,” welfare mamas weren’t getting all their kids diagnosed with “learning disabilities” of various sorts in order to qualify them for even more “disability” money, and lawyers weren’t permitted to advertise their services to get you “all the money you deserve” from whatever fender-bender accident you might have had. And we had politicians actually willing to stand up and be heard without being shouted down and ridiculed by saying such things as, “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon it adds up to real money.” (Everett Dirkson)

And in 1973 we had the MacNeil/Lehrer Report. There is nothing existing today that even resembles that kind of news. The media has never been under greater control of a handful of special interests than it is today, with NO objective and comprehensive news coverage on any TV anywhere in the United States (or probably the world, for that matter).

Education used to mean building competency in reading, writing, math, science, current events, etc. Today, schools have to teach English first before any significant “education” can be accomplished. Physical education is once a week in our schools system for grade school kids. Teachers teach tests. Much of American History has been banned from the classroom. Islam is a perfectly appropriate lesson topic or subject for a student paper, but don’t DARE mention that dreaded Christianity, unless it’s to bash Christians for the Crusades. Don’t EVER mention who sold the African slaves to the slave traders, let alone the fact that slavery still exists all around the world (including the U.S. with agriculture, various ethnic restaurants, or even the more hidden sex slave industry that is alive and well right within our borders). Did some of that exist in the 50s, 60s, or 70s? Of course. But at a small fractional level compared to today. Our kids have been dumbed down for multiple generations now, to the point that younger voters embrace “socialism.” So don’t try to convince me that they’re “too afraid to speak or act openly.” It’s happening right before our eyes! And the progress made over the past 50 years is glaringly evident to those that have eyes (and memories) to see and ears to hear.

Oh – and remember rifle clubs in schools? And doors that frequently weren’t locked unless people were going out of town on an extended trip? Heck, my kids didn’t even know which side was the Confederate States – while they were going to HIGH SCHOOL here in the deep South. We were astounded! – we just took it for granted that they would know something like that. They had no idea that Lincoln only freed slaves in the rebelling states with the Emancipation Proclamation, or that he’d jailed Yankee journalists who dared to speak out against him. And remember when you could write your congressman or senator and actually get a letter back with a real statement of position, AND a signature that appeared authentic?

Nope, I ain’t buyin’ that the “situation [is] under control.” I guess I’m just “too” old, and too cynical. Or maybe just too experienced, and still have an intact memory.