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Us righteous are a patient lot. It takes more than huffing and puffing to get us to move. All those hard core left-overs that pulled a no-show demonstrated more smarts than I would’ve given them credit for, if I cared at all. There’s a line out there that I’m not gonna try and define, but any God-fearing patriot knows implicitly, that simply cannot be crossed without consequence. If the left-overs ever figure it out and make it out of puberty far enough to take a chance, the righteous will surely put them back in the place pronto, and with extreme prejudice!

No, the left-overs don’t really want to escalate physical confrontation with the right. They know they will lose, and they know that then the beast will be awakened and it’ll be generations before they have a shot at any sort of social influence in this country again. When that bell tolls, and it very well may if enough left-overs are stupid belligerent, those leading that march to madness will have to look to themselves, for the bell will be tolling for them.