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I like all the great suggestions here. Getting lost in the woods isn’t fun! When I was very young, my cousins and sisters and brothers all went on a “walk” when we were picnicking deep in the woods. My father was a fire ranger so he lived in the mountains in look-out towers. He knew the dangers so we were instructed to stay on the road and don’t go too far. They had to be able to hear us. Well, you know kids! There was a wonderful meadow that called to us. We left the road and went to the meadow. When the time came to leave the meadow we didn’t know the way out of it. There we were, lost in the deep woods. Of course, it didn’t take long before the parents began calling and calling for us. We were too far away – we didn’t hear them. It took all afternoon to finally get back to a road, then travel with tired small children. Finally, my father and mother found us wandering down a road. Were we in trouble? You bet. After that, there were no more “hikes” for the kids. There must have been about 6 or 7 of us, considering the size of the family. Lost in the woods is a bad experience.