I did not mean to give offense. The situation here in the States stinks, but it’s not nearly as bad as South Africa. If you all have one advantage over us, it’s that the ANC and their Goons are incompetent. Our goons are more competent, which makes them more dangerous, but there are more goons in South Africa who don’t want you there… like, most of the black population? At least we still retain the right to own weapons…

I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but I don’t like the idea of something happening to you all… If you can’t flee South Africa, then I would be teaming up with like-minded folks and forming a plan – in secret if you have to. When things go bad, you have to know where you’re going to go and how you’re going to get there. You’re in the city, right? Sorry to say, but you’re outnumbered right now. Things go bad, them injuns will be looking to take your scalp just because you’re white.

You do what you need to do to protect you and yours. Have a Plan B. Arm yourselves as best you can – and if things are going to go the way I think they are – you are going to need everyone you can spare working a trigger. Male and female both.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1