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President Trump is going to be in Asia for 11 days. New fed chairman. What do you discuss with asians except money and war. It could get a bit antagonistic. All that glitters isnt gold. Ivanka gets an all female guard in japan. This is a high stakes trip. Econonics to the moon. America first. Fair trade.

Bought a new movie named Bushwick and watched it tonight. It appears to be a military attack on Brooklyn, the home base of clintons democratic gangster party operation. A lot of fighting in the streets. Cleaning up the swamp creatures. Partisan warfare. WCS minus backstory except for states rebelling against the government and civil breakdown.

Ive been watching a few of those simulated war and national emergency blurbs on youtube lately. Practice to get it just right is my guess. The right tone, pace and seriousness. Get ready or whatever. A Cme sounds like the least of the countrys problems. If the antifa what to protest good luck. They wont embarrass President Trump. He’ll use his twitter batt on them.

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