Nov.4th is also the supposed ANTIFA “revolution” , but more like tantrum . I think its one of four possibilities .
1} All hype , like Y2K . The day will come and go , nothing happens .
2} They do indeed attempt something , in which case they will be annihilated by the Federal Government, Law Enforcement , and the American people ………..game on , and game over for them .
3) only SOME of them riot , the rest ***** out and stay home fearing the crack down . It might amount to a passing story in the nightly news , not much more .
4) Its a diversion for something else . I dont see them being that smart to pull anything like that off .
Out of the four , my opinion is that number 3 is the most likely . Either way , the timing could not have been better , I just picked my KSG today >:)