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Fox News is every bit a part of the so-called “fake news” establishment – they’re just the other side of the same coin, with a different face on it. But they’re at least reporting this, along with – of all places – WaPo! Of course the WaPo story has an unnamed source stating that the DNC and the Clintons hired the law firm, but of course they didn’t know about the law firm hiring GPS/Fusion. And the WaPo story even confirms that an (of course) UNnamed Republican paid for their investigation during the 2016 campaign, before the Clintons and the DNC paid that same law firm to dig up (or manufacture) opposition research on Trump.

Now that it’s out, the Hillary narrative that it’s old news will prevail on the one side of the coin (the side that doesn’t involve Fox, whose job it is to keep conservatives feeling like they still have a voice). And Congress will hold yet another hearing with about as much ultimate meaning of the entire collective group of Seinfeld shows – a show about nothing.

Meanwhile, a coup plot was uncovered and neutralized just in time for the Chinese Communist Party Congress, where “President” Xi declared himself as the named 3rd era in modern Chinese history, with the now officially adopted BRI (Belt and Road Initiative). And the rest of the world is now falling in love with China (except India).




The only possible dissent from my end is the diagnosis of insane. I’d say it’s pure evil, not insanity. And it’s coupled with the very common condition known as denial, on the part of most of the world. And then there are those they warn about that actually see what’s going on and put themselves at risk by warning about it. Or perhaps there’s no real risk at all – after all, outside of a few forums such as this (where almost nobody’s involved anymore anyway), who cares? So we can b____ and moan all we want, stock up on the three precious metals and food all we want, but again, who cares? (I and a handful of others do, but who cares?)

And lest we forget, it was Barack Not-so-Insane Obama that leaned in close to (then) President Medvedev and whispered, “After my election I will have more flexibility.” To which Medvedev responded, “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir.”

Yep – sure sounds like insanity alright. By design. It’s called fundamental evil.