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I don’t know whether to be concerned about the delay or not. I’ve OFTEN seen major news stories (or at least what WE might consider worthy of broadcast) not showing up for 24-48 hours. My wife from time to time will come in and say, “Honey, do you know what I just saw on the news?!?” And it will turn out to be something I saw on the ‘net 1-2 days earlier. So in this case, it has to get from some obscure scientific lab where they don’t get excited over some “little” space rock coming within 100,000 miles of earth, to eventually hitting some news wire, to eventually being deemed “worthy” of getting enough interest to warrant air time. Therefore, eight days from first sighting to actual passage doesn’t necessarily seem surprising to me. And most outlets didn’t even bother with it, apparently, because it posed no damage threat to the world – unlike whether General Kelly was mean to a commie congresswench who’s probably eying Pelosi’s divinely decreed return to the Speakership.

With that in mind, however, ponder this headline (link to the story is embedded in the headline):
A Satellite Chunk Could Fall on Your Head at Any Moment. Get Used to It.

If we really are in danger, they aren’t going to tell us anyway. Heck, we just saw that in some of the hurricane planning – some officials chose NOT to recommend evacuation, figuring that the traffic jams would be more dangerous and entrapping of people than taking the chance of them sheltering in place. After all, if Jellystone is going to blow in a matter of days, or an asteroid is going to obliterate an entire continent, where do all those people go? I believe we won’t ever hear about a massive attack or natural event if there’s insufficient time to do anything about it anyway. So, as with the prior email, “♫ don’t worry, be happy! ♪ :-) ” Our “SMART” products already tell us that “Life is Good!” (volume up):

So let’s all just revert back to the 60s. Peace and love! LOL!