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The recent equakes on la palme were described as a swarm. 352. To me that would seem like one continuous rumble.
2017td6 appeared on my radar on thursday. I tried looking it up and found absolutely no info. The tip I got said it would impact on the 11 of november in the atlantic north of bermuda. But it passed by supposedly on the 19 oct. duh. Then a dozen articles appeared on google confirming its existence and sudden no threat status. It was like the bullet whizzed past before you hearing the shot. I’m still in a state of disbelief. Well maybe next time the aim will be better. It seems it may have been being tracked beforehand but the info was not distributed until after it had been leaked.
At least with a volcano you know its coming. It only took a month before mt st. Helens erupted. The people around it were in denial. There were even forestry crews still working in the woods. And then the frog got boiled. Barely any time to get out.
Mt sinabung continues to erupt and mt agung may go soon. Volcanoes in indonesia dont keep people in suspense. The ring of fire is getting more active.

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