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Earth has been incredibly lucky as of late when it comes to avoiding asteroid impacts. TC6 is the 39th asteroid to pass by Earth within the Moon’s orbit in 2017 alone, and astronomers are spotting new space rocks at pretty regular intervals.


And TD6 became #40 when it passed by on Thursday. Note that’s 40 space rocks BETWEEN us and the moon just this year. But the article goes on to say we needn’t worry:

At the present time, scientists have no reason to believe Earth’s luck will run out any time soon, and there’s no danger of large asteroid strikes in the foreseeable future.

Wonderful! Thank you. I feel comforted already. However, as they say in the late night TV infomercials, “But wait! There’s MORE!” It turns out they just discovered this newest one on 11 October – a mere 8 days prior to flyby. So that might suggest the terms “foreseeable future” and “any time soon” are taking on new meaning, just like our “luck” and “safety.” Alfred E. Neuman, where are you now that we need you? :-)