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The spin doctors are already “on” this story. How DARE some media outlets imply that the crime was committed in a public bathroom by placing the words “transgender,” “rape,” “girl” and “bathroom” in the same headline. Some are emphatically pointing out that it was NOT a public bathroom, but inside a private residence. And that’s supposed to make all parents feel safer. Plus, he’s already been convicted, so we ARE all safe. (Anyone trying to spin that story in a positive way should accompany him to prison for the duration.)

Speaking of duration, he’s reportedly facing up to 70 years. LOL! Who cares? Just put him in the general prison population with those of the same biological gender. That should eliminate the need for law abiding, tax paying citizens to support him for ANY number of years beyond year one. The 10 year old girl said “it hurts inside” to investigators – so just let the general prison population take care of the law of natural consequences (i.e. what goes around comes around).