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Been doing a bit more researching on this volcano, under the assumption that the MSM (and especially some of the on line British “media” sites) just maybe, possibly, MIGHT be slightly exaggerating for the purposes of – gaining clicks, and thereby selling more advertising.

If I had to go with the article in the original post above vs. one posted by a PhD in geosciences with specialization in seismic issues, I suspect I’d probably go with the latter. If that’s your choice too, then read how the 600 meter (nearly 2000 feet) high tsunami that would supposedly hit Britain suddenly reduces to something in the neighborhood of 5-7 meters high – and that’s the worst case scenario. A somewhat slower descent of the broken mountain would only result in 25-40% of the predicted wave heights.

Darn those experts – they gotta go mess up all the juicy media stories. No fun! But at least Freedom won’t have to flee halfway across the State of Florida. Good news, Freedom – you’ll probably survive the Great Canary Island Disaster! But the ash cloud from Jellystone Park will probably get you when Miami freezes over. And who knows where the Chinese space station will impact – one of these unspecified days in the supposedly near future. Always something….