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Mrs Tec, who pays much more attention to the fascinating little details than I, tells me that the “authoritays” gathered up all the cellphones, video cams, voice recorders from the entertainers, their production crew, and food vendors, and audience members who would volunteer them, to “get a better understanding” of events that night. When the devices were returned, they had all been scrubbed of every electron relating to the shooting and related events.

Also, the bellhop who helped Paddock to his room, and was handed his car keys to park his car, reported to a local TV station, and posted on his social media page(s) that Paddock had very little luggage. He has since disappeared, his pages taken down, the TV interview scrubbed from their website, and he himself has disappeared. (I guess the publicity was all too much.)

Something tells me, we’ll soon be presented a single, unified official story, this time without any of those bothersome and conflictory details that so often show up to spoil the neatness of it all, and cause so many subsequent mysterious suicides and one-car accidents on deserted roads — just as soon as LVMPD and FBI can agree on what it is. I plan to accept it for what it will no doubt be, lest I be accused of being a conspiracy theorist. The big mystery will be (for a while) what changes in our lives that story will necessitate.

Cry, "Treason!"

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