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The Aussie gun confiscation was definitely a government conspiracy. Australia is a scary violent country without guns. Now more so. Gun confiscation doesnt play here. The lone wolf gunman theory in Vegas is falling apart. Multiple shooters, oh yes, it reeks of them. We all have an idea who did this and it wasnt the Nra or alt right. I’ll admit Shooting in Vegas could be a Hollywood take down of President Trump attempt. Lights camera action Mr. Weinstein. Now they have to deflect attention. The left has been trying to discredit impeach or otherwise smear Trump since he was elected. And they just got executive order payback. Another thing just happened in Ny. The feds are going to force Ny into Real ID. Sanctuary Cuomo will be a bit iffy from now on. I can barely wait to see the demafa fizzle on Nov 4. Tweet loudly, and carry a big club. Dont be afraid to use the water cannons on the thugs. I would guess Jesus is composting by now. Even the fbi is cleaning up loose ends by confiscating victim’s video. Its really odd how the 28 year old woman who wrote the great eyewitnness account on facebook died a few days later. It does remind me of Zapruder and Kennedy.