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Thank you for calling me to repentence, Tec. I repent! I repent! And now I am a believer. I believe that the pristine bullet that hit Kennedy in the back, exited his throat, shattered Connally’s wrist bone and lodged in his thigh, really did pass through 15 layers of clothing, 7 layers of skin, and approximately 15 inches of tissue, struck a necktie knot, removed 4 inches of rib, and then rested peacefully on the gurney that transported Connally. After all, I’ve since learned that the single bullet theory was primarily advanced by the Warren Commission’s junior counsel, who later became the revered U.S. Senator from Pennsylvania – Arlen Specter. What further proof do we need? I’ve also come to believe that all three World Trade Center buildings did come down in a pancake collapse at near free-fall speed as the simple result of two fires from jet aircraft, and separate fires in WTC-7 that were simply the result of the WTC-1 and -2 crashes. I now also believe that Waco had to be carried out the way it was, despite the fact that David Koresh was frequently seen in town, such as at an auto parts store, and out jogging (easily available for pick up). And I’m no longer at all wondering about the sniper that killed Vicki Weaver and the following year ended up at Waco as a sniper who never fired any shots, despite local police finding .308 rounds at his position in the house used for housing FBI personnel, including the sniper, Lon Horiuchi. Oh, the list goes on. I’m a convert! I believe! Now – someone tell me the final, official story about Las Vegas so I can just believe and move on.

Until then, I’m beginning to think Paddock self-described exceptionally well – he was a bad guy, with bad thoughts. He was known to be kind to some, very unkind to others, and for whatever reason built up a much larger arsenal than most anybody else (except FedGov and, increasingly, local PDs) has. He stayed up and gambled all night, frequented hookers and liked B&D stuff with them, and slept during the day for the most part. He ingratiated himself with management of the various facilities where he gambled, because he spent a lot of money there. You can get anything in this world, with money, don’tchaknow. So, maybe he really did just decide he wanted to do something horrendous, all by himself, beyond what any one person had ever accomplished before. We now know he apparently targeted the jet fuel tanks near the hotel with incendiary rounds (unsuccessfully, thankfully), and very possibly intended to use that as his diversion, not to mention potential death and destruction. He also clearly had other ideas in mind, as evidenced by the amount of UNfired rounds in his hotel suite, as well as the explosives and other items in his vehicle and at least one of his homes – according to totally factual LE information, of course. Perhaps he really didn’t “snap” (none of the evidence is even remotely in line with a “sudden snap”), but truly was as evil as he said he was, and just needed to do something truly big, for his own benefit, and hopefully live to savor it. But he was interrupted, carried out as much as he could for 10-12 minutes, then had a temper tantrum in the form of killing himself and leaving no answers – the ultimate “gotcha” of a truly psychopathic excuse for a human being (likely derived from daddy’s genes in the first place). Somebody doesn’t like my theory? Tango sierra. It’s my current one until we are given the official answer, and then I will be a true believer about this one too. Thank you, Tec, for helping me see the light. ;-)
[not touchin’ any switches – SARC/ or otherwise]