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We’ve been watching this story closely, because of the number of recent earthquakes (numbering up into four digits now) in just the past couple of months. Both the immediate area under Yellowstone has experienced many hundreds (perhaps over 1000 – not sure what it’s up to now), and eastern Idaho has also had a large number of quakes. That region all has very recent (geologically speaking) volcanic activity. Drive anywhere across the southern half of Idaho and you’ll see black volcanic rocks sitting out in fields all over the place – the activity was not millions of years ago. Since Mother Earth doesn’t recognize state boundaries, it seems very reasonable to expect that the hundreds of quakes in eastern Idaho are quite related to the same magma “loading” going on under Yellowstone again.

And with this lady’s recent discovery, that really raises the concern level, since Yellowstone has also experienced rises in elevation within the park, and other geologic changes, all indicative of pressure build up beneath the surface. And that’s been going on for well over a decade. Thus her research could be very troubling. At the same time, we can’t do a darn thing about it. Seems like the time to keep in frequent contact with the one who can do anything about it.

Separately, so as not to hijack your thread, see my new post that I’m about to put up concerning the volcano in the Canary Islands. It’s long been known that there is a massive chance of a mega-tsunami being produced if the rest of that mountainside finishes collapsing (it’s been partially collapsed for a long, long time). If that thing comes crashing down in the ocean, they’re talking a tsunami that can hit the U.S. east coast with a 100meter (or higher) wave. Pretty much the entire east coast as well as much of the rest of the Atlantic coast lines (both sides) would be history. Wall street would be gone, D.C. would be gone (mixed blessings to be sure). And you’d literally only have hours of notice to get the heck out of Miami if it blows and collapses – along with the millions of others that would be on the roads trying to head west and northwest from the coast. See the article for more details.

Perhaps this belongs in the “Religion & Faith” topic, but does anyone see a possible pattern here? Two Mexican earthquakes within weeks, two major hurricanes to hit mainland USA, another major hurricane to hit the islands including U.S. territories, unprecedented wild fires hitting northern and southern California, the Florida nightclub shooting, Las Vegas, hepatitis outbreaks become more widespread in the U.S., etc., etc., etc. Just wonderin’ ….