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Steel door?!? I hadn’t seen that either visually or as a “news” report. But I have seen a photo with part of the door off its hinges and laying across the open portion of a double door, so you could only see a portion of that door that was removed from its hinges (probably only about 1/4 to 1/3 of the full door. It appears to be a wooden door and showed many rounds in the portion of the door what was originally showing in the photos on line. However, that image seems to have disappeared from the web – I’ve done a fairly extensive search for what I saw the other day, and that photo only seems to exist as what was previously only the upper half of the full photograph. Here’s the upper half of the image I saw – you can barely see what appears to have been the left hand door, now off its hinges, propped up against the other (right hand) door that’s still attached and closed. In the full photo I saw, there did not appear to be ANY holes in the right hand door (top to bottom was visible), but the portion of the door that was visible across the open space with the crime scene tape was riddled with bullet holes and gave the full appearance of a wood-product door.


If you look closely at the bottom edge of the photo, you can see several holes just to the left of where the two pieces of yellow tape cross each other. Why that photo is now only showing up with the top half of the photo being published is unknown (that would require speculative conspiracy theory, don’tchaknow!). As I recall, in the portion of the door that was visible through the open doorway, there were FAR fewer than 200 holes, suggesting that either they were at the other end (top/bottom?) of the door that wasn’t showing, either hidden by the door on the right, or the wall on the left of the open door frame, or else there weren’t 200 rounds that went through at least THAT door.

That’s all my unqualified speculatin’ fer the day. Hopefully it won’t be deemed conspiracy theory, since I’m simply reporting what was actually shown in an alleged law enforcement crime scene photo, whether leaked or not.