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The facts go ’round and ’round … like prospective winning tickets in the lottery cage. Eventually, the winning ticket will be drawn, but for now, we can only wait and watch. I’m still wonderinng about those 200 rounds: (1) who was counting?, (2) how long did it take for mag changes, or did he have a belt-fed gun after all?, (3) why did it take 72 minutes (by last report) from the time whoever fired those 200 ceased firing, until the authorities (which ones?) finally breached the door to discover Paddock’s body?

I know the little forest animals will consume the bread crumbs I toss out along the garden path along which I’m being led, and I probably won’t be able to find my way back by the same route, but I like to play my role as best I’m able. — (signed) Hansel

Cry, "Treason!"