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When the organs of broadcast media “news,” across the entire modern political spectrum, all the way from slightly right of center, to as far left as it is possible to go, without too plainly coming in from the extreme right — when all of them agree on the same set of “facts,” one may as well accept their veracity, since without personal investigation, one is going to get no other “facts.” Other theories, perhaps — contentions, perhaps, but not “facts.”

Having thus wretchedly elaborated the obvious, here’s what we “know”:about the Vegas massacre

  • 59 people were killed, and 529 were injured:
  • All (well at least most) of the killing fire came from two broken windows of a corner (1705 sq. ft.) suite on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel;
  • Stephen Craig Paddock, a retired accountant, worth several $millions (much of which was accumulated over the previous year, playing electronic poker), rented that suite through Air BnB;
  • After the shooting stopped, and the door was eventually breached (approximately an hour after the shooting began) Paddock’s body was found inside the suite, with an apparent gunshot wound in the head, said to have been fired through the mouth;
  • Paddock had accumulated over 40 firearms in his lifetime, more than half of them in the past year, about half of which were found in the suite, along with some ammunition;
  • ISIS, the islamic army, generously supplied by our caring former SecState, with the arms formerly controlled by Libyan dictator Qaddafi (whom she had killed) claims, without evidence, that Paddock had become a convert, a “soldier” for their cause.

Paddock is alleged (presumed?) to have been the shooter, but without having left any clear statement of intent, or as far as is yet broadcast, any other “reason” for doing so. He is said to have had a prescription for valium, a drug which (please correct me, if I’m wrong, GS) would at least tend to mollify murderous passions, and interfere with the ability to swiftly and efficiently attend to the intellectual and physical details of preparing for such action.

If others were involved, and if those others had serious political powers or connections, would any of us ever learn of it?

Cry, "Treason!"