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Supposition not fact.
Show the evidence, then it may be a fact.
Until then, just another conspiracy theory.

What a leap! A person makes a supposition – something detectives and investigators do routinely. But if it’s not a detective or an official law enforcement investigator doing the supposing, it’s “just another conspiracy theory?” Wow.

And above, I simply posed the statements of a hotel insider against the public statements by the police and got back the following:

Right now, until I hear it from LVPD Homicide, I’m going on “not factual”.

Just previous to that, Brulen got back:

“Benghazi” the evidence? Are you kidding?
Some of “ours” were wounded and killed.
Trying to help not run away.
If you think that would fly, you don’t get it.

The take away from both of those is that only cops tell the truth, cops can never be bought off, and if it isn’t coming from the cops, it should be disregarded unless/until they come to the same conclusion. Why should I not be reading that as, “Just shut up. You’re not a cop, therefore you have no right to any input here. This is an active law enforcement investigation and therefore nothing should be speculated – just wait until they make their definitive statements.”?

Yet at the same time, we get to read black/white, either/or suppositions (responses) right in the same posts, such as:

I’m saying that either he’s grandstanding for revenue in his hotels, or he has information from/about the competition that he shouldn’t have revealed in any case, no matter how he got it.

That’s certainly definitive! There can be no other possible scenarios or suppositions. Why do you get that privilege, but none of the rest of us (without official law enforcement backgrounds) get that same privilege? Just wondering….

The underlying message seems to be that Forum topics specifically set up as NON-survival/preparedness topics really have no business even being here (regardless of the fact that Selco and company decided initially to add them, in order to provide such outlets while also keeping them separate from survival/prep discussions), and that if there’s some law enforcement component to a topic, we unwashed non-law enforcement types need to keep our “conspiracy theories” to ourselves and leave the questions and suppositions to the professionals. Sorry if that seems harsh, but that’s certainly the message I seem to be seeing. It’s one thing to bash the cops (which I haven’t seen here in this thread at all), but this seems to be an overly defensive pro-LE position when no defense of LVPD, FBI, whoever else, is even needed so far (if at all). Questions seeking understanding are not automatically accusations.