I’m saying that either he’s grandstanding for revenue in his hotels, or he has information from/about the competition that he shouldn’t have revealed in any case, no matter how he got it.

Whole lot of guessing and supposition going on, with very few facts.

Any information released through official sources is going to be highly filtered, as this is an active investigation regardless of the death of Paddock.

Groups of investigators going through his life with a microscope, every facet.
And to release anything that might compromise that investigation would be ridiculous.

To Wynn, the media or the general public.

So any information Wynn may have gleaned from unknown sources is going to be suspect.
Contradiction in his statements, could be as simple as not remembering which story he was last told. Could be making stuff up.

Right now, until I hear it from LVPD Homicide, I’m going on “not factual”.