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Very interesting interview on Fox News today with Steve Wynn (the hotel magnate in LV). He talked about how he “hardened” his hotels beginning two years ago. He said he “got every consultant and advisor I could think of from Ray Kelly to Seal Team Six … .” He then spent $10s of millions on upgrading security over the following six months, and his upgraded program has been in place since May 2016.

But what was exceptionally interesting to me was that he compared what happens at his properties with what happened at the Mandalay property (after praising their owners, his “friends at MGM”). Listen to the language he uses to subtly but clearly state what he apparently (and unsurprisingly) knows – contrary to what law enforcement is telling us. Start at 2:10 in the video. The “having said that” comment is a way of going back on what you just said – and he does exactly that. Keep watching from there. Note that he says (in only subtly veiled comparison to Mandalay Bay) they have rules about “Do Not Disturb” signs up more than 12 hours. Note too, that law enforcement has told us that the Mandalay Bay had their employees going in and out of Paddock’s room, and they noticed nothing out of order. (Note also, though unrelated, that Wynn’s hotels do not allow guns in their properties – therefore not a place where one can expect to protect one’s self or family.)

Then suddenly at about 3:12 he says, “Let’s put it this way. The scenario that we’re aware of would have indicated he didn’t let anyone in the room for two or three days.” OOOPS! Not what law enforcement is telling us publicly. Are we to believe that Steve Wynn doesn’t know what’s going on in the hotel industry in detail in Las Vegas, and doesn’t have very first hand knowledge of what happened over at his competitor’s hotel? I find that to stretch credibility – he’s got inside sources that we couldn’t even begin to touch. Fox even put up on the interview highlight in print, “A 24-hour, 36-hour do not disturb sign is a ‘predicate for investigation.’ ” And Chris Wallace did not even begin to challenge that narrative, despite it conflicting with what we’ve been told by the media and apparently investigators about Mandalay employees going in and out of Paddock’s room and noticing nothing unusual.

Then jump to 7:14 in the video: “However, nobody in this company’s (Wynn’s) history, no public person, has ever walked in the service elevator unless they were accompanied by security.” Chris Wallace then asked, “Did he go in the service elevator, Steve?” Wynn answered, “I’m just saying ….” He stumbled around for words for a moment, weakly said, “I’m not sure whether he did,” but then emphasized that “nobody goes in the back of the house unaccompanied.” My wife went to a business convention several years ago, before there was any real concern about terrorism (pre-9/11), and the only elevator to her floor was totally glass and open all the way up and down. There was zero possibility she would have ridden that – it’s just something that she has a severe reaction to. The hotel easily accommodated her by ESCORTING her in the service elevator every time she needed to go up or down. They were very nice about it, and it was clear that they had long ago addressed that issue and had that as routine procedure. Therefore, what really happened in the Mandalay Bay Hotel?

Then Wynn doubled back at the 7:41 point, and said, “Being in a room for three days in a do not disturb situation, that would have triggered an alarm here. … We’d want to know more about anybody that had been sequestered in a room for more than 12 hours….” Wynn had already made that point, came back to it, and Wallace again never challenged that point – despite media reports to the contrary.

Then at 8:24 Wallace asks him if he has a theory. Listen carefully to Wynn’s answer. He appears to be methodically destroying the possibility that this was simply a deranged man. He goes on to talk in terms of a plan and a message. I could be wrong, but it appears that with all of Wynn’s knowledge of what actually happened at the Mandalay Bay hotel, as well as his own investigation of Paddock and his girlfriend while staying at his own facilities many times, that he feels quite confident in saying it was simply not the act of a suddenly deranged individual. I got no sense that Wynn does know what the plan or message or motive was, just that he’s certain there was one, not just a sudden psychotic impulse.

And is $100,000 ALL Paddock wired to the Philippines? And to whom did he wire money over there over an extended period of time? Never forget that Terry Nichols has never given an interview (to my knowledge, at least), was not executed despite McVeigh being “dispatched” without comment, and that Nichols made multiple trips to the Philippines and was there during the same time as Ramzi Yousef, the man behind the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Allegedly, Nichols’ bombs didn’t work prior to his trips to the Philippines, but they did afterward. And at least on some of those trips he left his Filipino wife here in the U.S. There is (and has been for many years) a hotbed of radical, violent Islamic fundamentalism in the Philippines. Connection???? We’re not hearing much about that aspect, though in fairness they MAY be carefully tracking all that down and not wanting to tip their hand, so I’m content to wait on that aspect of the investigation – just saying it needs to be done, fully.

Steve Wynn cannot be called a dummy, and Steve Wynn is a major power player in Las Vegas. He knows what’s going on from very inside sources – separate from the police. And that interview is the first direct crack I’ve seen in the story that we’re being given. Plus, Chris Wallace never challenged – twice – Wynn’s mention of a 2-3 day window of sequestration in the room by Paddock, using the do-not-disturb sign continuously. I have no belief whatever, based on watching that interview closely, that Steve Wynn was simply speculating about what MIGHT have happened at Mandalay Bay, or that he was simply using this opportunity for marketing purposes, emphasizing much better security at his own hotels. It had every appearance of him knowing exactly what he was saying, i.e. that what we’re being told by the police and media is NOT entirely accurate.

But what do I know…. Form your own conclusions, if you choose.