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One (to me at least) glaring omission has been any comment on what was inside this guy’s skull. They knew the Texas tower shooter had a brain tumor that almost certainly resulted in his massacre. With or without family permission, they could have at least done some sort of non-invasive scan of his brain before whatever happened to his body. Yet we haven’t heard one thing about an autopsy, let alone findings. If there has been, I sure haven’t seen it, and I’ve actually searched specifically for that information. I can find it in no stories so far. Odd, to say the least, since everybody claims they’re completely stumped on his true motivation. Maybe there’s a more sinister reason afoot that needs to be kept confined to only certain law enforcement agencies (?), but if not, why no autopsy reports? They’ve said he was on “anxiety medication,” yet no actual blood results published? Why not? There are only a handful of stories speculating about what MIGHT show up from an autopsy, with the latest being 19 hours ago (mid-day Saturday). That suggests the autopsy still hasn’t been done. Yes, the coroner’s office is overwhelmed, matching each bullet or fragment with a weapon to determine that no other shooter was involved – that’s 59 dead people + Paddock. Plus, police have to get as many bullets or fragments out of the injured to do the same. Ok, I get the amount of work involved here – massive! But no autopsy on the shooter?

I’m not even speculating – I’m just scratching my head. Sumpin just don’t seem right….