Actually that was sarcasm with the gotcha being a “made you spit coffee on your monitor” thing.

We can argue back and forth about the causes and effects of political issues going back, 50, 60, 160 years, whether or not Lincoln was attempting to save the union or Lee believing in the southern way of life.
Whether the mayor in PR is corrupt and playing political games, means absolutely zero to us outside the realm of the disinformation cow path.

What matters is here and now, and our plans for the future. Learn from history but don’t live in the past, otherwise you will miss the present.

What it’s really like after SHTF, may not be like PR. It may not be like the Balkan’s, like Argentina, like Hiroshima. Each one of those is not just localized, but are different situations.
War, economic collapse, ethnic cleansing, natural disasters, all play out differently in different places.

Compare PR to New Orleans. Same thing happened, but the results are completely different. Partly political, partly cultural, but we can learn from both.

This is just another version of a temporary SHTF. Learn from it, and move on.