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Love a big filter system like the berky but to big to carry. Going camping we used 1 quart stainless canteens and ultraviolet light on the water. Its battery operated and lasts for quite awhile. Made by Katadyn. We also use their larger ceramic filters. Their best model is the expedition filter. Its like a tire pump and fairly expensive but rugged. One dam has failed and there may be others, causing mass evacuation. People will be walking to get aid and to escape rising water. Its a hot climate and the bugs are no doubt miserable. Ive been in the everglades in a tent. Mosquitos can drive people crazy. The survival shows constantly show people who have skin reduced to inflamation. Cuomo took a plane to PR friday and loaded 30,000 bottles of water but maybe bug repellant and medical supplies would have been better. All their food crops are a total loss. They need just about everything in large quantities.