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When I read your post about the water, that’s what I thought of immediately – the home made Berkey water filter system. We used to buy Deer Park bottled water by the case at Sam’s Club because it tasted so good and was supposedly spring water, not just “filtered” water (nothing more than tap water that companies run through their own filters, which are probably mostly just to remove bad taste). But Nestle bought them (too), and now we learn that much of the water Nestle sells as “spring” water probably isn’t. And the spring water they do sell is to the disadvantage of the towns and cities where their facilities are located. Remember, Nestle is the company that sold baby formula that killed many babies in other countries, but not the U.S. because the U.S. wouldn’t allow that baby formula.

Even at the much lower Sam’s Club prices, the Deer Park water still worked out to about $1.00/gallon. Yet even counting the almost negligible cost of municipal water that we put into our home made Berkey system, we’re still spending less than 3¢ per gallon of water now – and it’s the best tasting, purest water we can probably get anywhere. 6000 gallons for a pair of filters (we use four) is a massive amount of drinking water for next to nothing – just the initial outlay of a little over $100 (plus the fluoride/arsenic filters that we also use with the system). I call that real security – we can live for quite a while without food. But especially in hot weather, life span is measured in single-digit days without water.

One other thing your post prompted me to do was make a decision to systematically go back and review all of the older posts on the Forum (especially before I got here just over 2 years ago. I poked around in the past, but realize there is so much more here on the forum that’s worth a thorough review. This is a treasure trove of ideas and experiences.