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In my block I was the only one to save my food.

In the Air Force we had a little saying that actually applies to almost anything. We simply referred to it as the “7 Ps” and everybody knew what we were talking about: “Proper Preflight Planning Prevents P___ Poor Performance.”

Your planning provided you with much quicker and less expensive recovery – if nothing else, no sudden expenses for replacement of food when there was none to be purchased locally anyway. Plus you had some comforts with the power the generator could produce in other ways, such as lights when needed, radios perhaps, recharging of cell phones for when the towers were functioning (or later the portable temporary units cell companies sometimes bring into a disaster area), etc. Nice job, Freedom – and thanks for the example.

Sadly, I can’t imagine a way of applying the 7 Ps in Puerto Rico, except for one’s planning to include permanent relocation OUT of what used to be paradise island. Government corruption and incompetence, territorial bankruptcy, drugs, crime, and now two hurricanes in two weeks? Why would anybody even THINK about staying down there, except that many don’t have the means of relocating anyway? So very sad.