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I agree the Mountain House tastes about the best out of the ones we have tried. Price wise we have opted for the Wise Food Storage. The flavor is comparable but you get more for your money. Both come in square buckets which is where I got the idea. Every scenario is going to have its own unique set of challenges. One thing that causes a big problem with hurricanes is evacuation. If you time your exit wrong you may very well end up weathering the storm in your vehicle. With the oh so sensational media it is sometimes hard for many to decide when and if they should leave. I have a friend who lives in Boca Raton, FL. She is not married and is not really a prepper(that probably changed last week). I spent the days prior to Irma making landfall trying to help her get ready. She knew the minimal basics of getting ready for a hurricane, non-perishable food, water and board up the windows. As we worked through the process there were a lot of “I never thought of that” moments. It was too late for some of the items but she did try to find some of them and saw all the empty shelves for herself. Fortunately the hurricane missed hitting them directly but I bet she will be better prepared for the next one.

Important docs are something a lot of people overlook. There are several dry bags available designed to be submerged and sized for stacks of documents. If maybe you don’t have the room/time to take your documents with you these bags could be used to protect them. Put your docs in the bags and put them back in a locked file cabinet. The bags could even be used to protect the docs if you are taking them with you.