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Rant understood and justified. Visual images are generally FAR more powerful than words. He’s only in it for the money and fame, and like a drug dealer he doesn’t care what effect his “product” has when it gets to the end user. These punks neither know NOR really care how it truly was for their grandparents and earlier – they don’t have a clue. They’re just standing on it as a soapbox like they own it, using it solely for their own fame and fortune.

Then yesterday I heard Gladys Knight sing something on a TV show my wife was watching, and I stopped to listen to it. It will get almost zero attention, and probably little play time on the air. Can’t remember the title or most of the words, but it was basically a community unity and “we’re all in this together” song. Will she get attention for that kind of message? Not at all – it doesn’t have the “sizzle” the programming directors are looking for to bring in viewers addicted to the salacious and extreme, which in turn sells advertising. It’s all about the money.