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I was particularly worried because I have an aunt who had JUST been moved into assisted living in central Florida a week before the storm. Her facility received a mandatory evacuation, and the company moved her to a facility literally across the street from the Indian River on the east coast of Florida (central state). For those not familiar with Florida geography, there is an extremely thin strip of land just off part of the east coast up and down from the Cape Canaveral area, and the water between that strip and the mainland (peninsula) is not quite accurately named the Indian River. Any and all surge would come right on through to the water between the thin strip of land (basically a long barrier island) and the mainland. So essentially, her temporary emergency facility was literally right on the water!

Fortunately the surge did not become much of an issue, but they also lost power. I’m still trying to get word on her status, though I knew that the following day she was at least in an upper story room eating breakfast and drinking her coffee, so it was apparently reasonable. But I don’t know when they got power back on (it was off for a time, at least) or if/when she can return to her original facility halfway across the state.

Unfortunately, even with generators, if flooding occurs there will be no power. Remember, that’s exactly what happened with the Fukushima power station – the back up generators could not supply power because they were flooded. But even with that said, I simply cannot believe that nursing home allowed its residents to experience that much distress without having them moved to hospitals earlier. Beyond disgusting – it’s heartless. I saw a story earlier about a video that was taken of one resident who was laying on a gurney in a hallway completely naked – by choice – because of the heat in the facility. I don’t know what the answers are, and in some disasters the elderly and ill will often die in the aftermath. But there is so much more that people can do to relieve others, not thinking about how much extra work it is, or (worse) what it will do to the corporate bottom line. I can only sit and shake my head at this story, even two days after hearing it for the first time.