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Matt, I Iike your bucket idea. Where to go depends upon how long you think you need to be gone for. If just for a few days or a week, anywhere that you are safe from the elements and two legged predators would do. The other end of the spectrum where you are not coming home again is much harder. Food, water, heat, and security need to be part of that plan..

Tolik, yes FTP needs to be part of it. For me personally we are where we are. I have no place to go, and my wife’s health is such that she isn’t walking anywhere far. She’d have a tough time walking the quarter mile to the end of our property. That said, I chose where we live now on the basis that we aren’t going anywhere. We’re in a small hamlet, have hand pump on the well that will yield limitless water that does not need filtering, are on septic so the toilets will work, have a wood stove and acres of trees to fuel it, and have acres of fields and pasture for food production. Good neighbors are a real plus too, though there is a white trash family the rest of us aren’t too keen on. I do maintain a cordial relationship with them though just in case they are still here when TSHTF.