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Thanks for sharing your experience freedom, and it is good to hear you are OK.

Location matters should there be a long term event. Densely populated areas that are totally dependent on a complex infrastructure working would get ugly fast. Where to go and how to get there are critical aspects of any plan.

At the same time isolated spots may not work so well either. Back in the 1600’s and early 1700’s in the Massachusetts Bay Colony the isolated homesteads were always the most vulnerable to Indian attack. My town was out on the frontier and was attacked several dozen times over the course of about 70 years. Most attacks were on homesteads outside of the village and on people caught away from the village. During times when attacks were deemed imminent farmers needed armed guards posted while they worked the fields and people came into the village to sleep at night. Basically the village had to work as a unit for mutual protection and aid.

For these reasons I think hamlets or very small towns are the best bet.