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Crime! Many arrests of criminals just in my area. I saw many on bicycle with backpacks in the middle of the nights. Police were all over the place lighting up homes. I was always armed and on the lookout. so this is why four days feels like weeks. Your body gets destroyed by day three with very little sleep, very hot days. My son did help with this. My daughter for the first time talked to me about getting a license to carry so I told her yes I will take her soon to apply. The same with my wife which the two never wanted to carry now they do. This opens everyone”s eyes that goes throw this. People that never go throw this can prepare but it is not the same as going throw it and seeing it for your self. Can you really take it, weeks, months or years without power? I think not many can. Many will become criminals to survive. I saw it in the grocery stores. There were some good people but some just do not care. We had water for the bathrooms but there was alerts to not drink it. There were many without water . The Gulf coast is real bad, no power there for one to two more weeks. Another thing I learned was that when power is down and it is hot we go throw water like never before. I lost three pounds in four days, WOW!! that is how much water I was drinking that I didn’t eat much and the amount of work I was doing just on water and small amount of food is incredible. You do not think much about food, water is what your body wants. So plan for a lot of water when power is down.