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So one day one, power went down and internet went down but not cell phones. Mobile phone worked all the time so I told my 17 year old son and my 22 year old daughter that they are still connected. Streets were full of trees so you can drive anywhere. I had a generator and so did my parents which are 88 and 85 years old. So right after the first day that Irma slowed down to 40 to 50 miles an hour winds I told my wife I am walking in the rain and wind 3 blocks to my parents. I did this two times. Wind was strong, when you get hit by 50 mile an hour winds on your back it will push you around so I did get pushed around but I prepared for over two years of exercising and losing some pounds. So everyone here needs to do some exercising to be able to live long term without power. Well I got to my parents house and set them up with the generator which they would have have a hard time starting. Everyday I would go there three time to fill there generator with gas or start it up if it stopped. Guys this was only four days and for me if felt like weeks of work. Hard work. My parents got power on day three so I had day four for my house only. There are people (about 200,000) still without power in our county. So many people have been taken to hospitals because they cant take it anymore with real bad health problems. Grocery stores still have limited foods. I was one of the only persons in my block that was prepared so I learned something and so did my 22 year old daughter. She told me dad if what you have been talking about for years(EMP or collapse of the economy) happens we need to get the hell out of the city even if we walk out. This has opened her eyes. Not so much my son since he is 17 years old and thinks he can do anything. So back to my block, I was the guy giving coffee and cold water every morning and cold water in the day. The coffee was like gold!!!! They loved me. Can you guys believe it Coffee! Water that is cold was like I loved them for giving them something that they missed soooo much and it was only days! Irma only passed Miami with 80 to 100 mile an hour and look at what happen. If the center of Irma would have passed throw Miami and all the east coast we would have many dead from not Irma but from not being prepared. The FEMA camps are full, my wife works in a University which has been turned into a FEMA camp. People are soooo depended on the government to fix the problem. All in my block were depended on me to bring them coffee and cold water and were OK just to wait for the power company to fix the problem. If an EMP or collapse of the economy I will need plan B, get the hell out of the city. So my planning will start soon on what I need to do and were do I go. People just do not learn.

Whirlibird, “Ironically, I have been discussing the power going out and staying out for an extended period with a couple of friends.” I think that is a great idea, need it to be 5 to 7 days since by day 5 they will start thinking many things that they have prepared for may need some work. Not having power is hard work, many things that we live with depend on power. I have gone throw 4 hurricanes and Irma was the only one with only four days of not having power, the other three were two to three weeks. Andrew was 3 1/2 weeks. It is real hard. But when Andrew hit I did not know what I know now. Andrew was hard on many people and more people dead after Andrew than when Andrew was going throw. The wind didn’t kill as much as the three and half weeks of no power. Irma has reminded me again of how many people will go crazy in an EMP or a total collapse of the economy.

Also remember that in an event of EMP or a total collapse of the economy there WILL be many from the cities that will find a way to go out of the cities to find food and will do whatever needs to be done to get it so no one is safe. Prepare for this too. I will get back on to respond to everyone’s post in time but I am still working on the yard cleaning out all the trees.