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First off I could barely understand the words but hey I’m just an old dude (I had to go look up the lyrics…..that didn’t help much). I seem to remember old dudes telling me they couldn’t understand the words to some of my music when I was a kid too lol. Anyway, actions speek louder than words and all most will see is a white kid getting hung and the attacking of the teacher in the beginning .The video is despicable. What if the shoe were on the other foot? I haven’t heard of a black man being hung in a very long time. I guess in this kids mind society has not progressed in 60 years and hangings are commonplace still. I find it interesting at the end of the video his little speech talks about being an example to kids and not perpetuating hate yet the actions he depicts( he being the instigator in the classroom) are exactly how people are acting. That video was nothing more than a publicity stunt. The image he personifies is totally opposite of his words in the video. You want to reach and teach kids? Teach them intelligence, common sense and how not to be a thug instead of being the poster child for what you speak against. Ok rant over.